Products to eat well

Queen of the kitchen par excellence, the potato is justly a part of the daily diet of millions of families. Adults and children adore its pleasant flavour and texture and such is the versatility of the potato that it can satisfy both the less demanding palates and those of distinguished gourmets.

Each cook prepares potatoes in many different ways; fried in oil, boiled in water, baked or roasted in the oven. Certain varieties are recommended for each of these different cooking methods and use of a suitable variety will always enhance the eating pleasure. A little salt can help to bring out the flavour and almost any spice can also be used.

It is a question of personal taste as to whether you prepare your potatoes with or without skin, alone or with other ingredients. The most important thing is that the flesh is tasty and fresh, firm but not hard. Results will always be based on the quality of the product, if that quality is not superlative not even the best meat, fish, cheese not the finest spices of the orient can improve the flavour.

When you eat "Patata Bona" from Mallorca (Majorca) you have the satisfaction and guarantee that you have chosen the very best; a fresh, natural and economic product compatible with all palates.